1997 Content:

It was an intensive year and I could add a lot of reports, reviews and portraits to Avant@rt. So, please, take some time and stroll around!

December 97
  • Once again vandalism against a Painting of Barnett Newman
  • The Avant@rt - Advent - Calendar
Oct./Nov. 97
  • Russian Autumn: 850 years Moscow, The Jazzfest Arkhangelsk, Urban and Rural Wooden Architecture, The Solovki Islands and a Night in the Night Train
  • Trudy Morse, an astonishing lady
  • With Chinese Eyes - Xing Danwen's photo exhibition in New York
September 97
  • Anouncement of the JazzFestival Beijing
  • nobody won the Avant@rt-Award
  • a javascript-notebook
August 97
  • Avant@rt is HotSite of the Week
  • The Cloud Gate Dance Theater at the Kampnagel Festival
  • A personal documenta X Report and The Avant@rt-Award
  • A guided tour through Avant@art is ready
July 97 The KUKART III - Festival in Puschkin / St. Petersburg
  • Festival diary
  • Programmatic Introduction
  • Have a Walk! Let's go shopping!
  • The Life of Andrej Blagov!
  • Submarine Trash!
  • Festival Review
June 97
  • Summer is out! Come to the Cultural Centre Salzau!
  • Music on the Water: an installation by Vladimir Tarasov and Ilya Kabakov!
  • Announcement of the KUKART-III - Festival
  • Submarine Trash
  • New InfoPage at Avant@rt
May 97
  • A very special festival in Hamburg: In Honor of the Death
  • MP3 installed
  • Wittwulf Malik, violoncellist
April 97
  • Musical WebCards from Beijing, N.Y., Puschkin and Tuva
  • CGI-Scripts
  • Frederike Frei married and I presented her a personal gratulation page
  • The monthly Hamburg-Jazz-Calendar
March 97 Good and Bad News:
  • Sainkho Namtchylak is hurt by a violent attack
  • Portrait of Hans Anton Rose, painter
  • Portrait of Joop van Brakel, musician and dancer
  • New Department: TechTalk
  • I am WebLady of the month!
February 97 I am still ill (embolism), so there is not so much new information:
  • A Guestbook is open now
  • a search-script is installed
February 97
  • A weekend with Russian Friends
  • The new play of the Theatre-Academy Interstudio: Bobo is dead
  • Portrait of Yuri Sobolev, director of Interstudio
  • Portrait of Oleg Soulimenko, dancer from Moscow


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