Trudy will be 80 years young April 8, 1999!
This is her Birthday-List, compiled by Connie Müller-Gödecke with the help of her friends!

Congratulation, Trudy!

Die Liste ist nun geschlossen, vielen Dank für Ihre Einträge und Glückwünsche!

The list is closed now, thank you so much for your contribution!

Dear Trudy! All our best whishes for you!

May your energy be inspiration for us!

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Name: Allan Chase, New England Conservatory
Ort:Boston, MA, USA
Datum:Samstag, 27. Maerz, 1999 um 10:21:34
Kommentar:On behalf of all my colleagues and students at New England Conservatory, thank you for your years of work in support of new music. We wish you many more years of good health, fun and adventure. Happy Birthday!

Name:arleen schloss
Ort:ny , ny, usa
Datum:Samstag, 27. Maerz, 1999 um 10:13:56
Kommentar: hey hey trudy....remember me...we met a phil niblock's experimedia a few years back & i now am happy 2 wish u a joyous bday...with lots of, arleen

Name:Eddie and Georgette Gale
Ort:San Jose, CA, US
Datum:Samstag, 27. Maerz, 1999 um 10:00:29
Kommentar:Inner peace to you Trudy and many many more happy birthdays to you and for you. Wishing you continued success in your artistic endeavors. Again, Inner peace to you and your family.

Name: Connie Müller-Gödecke
Datum:Samstag, 27. Maerz, 1999 um 04:29:55
Kommentar:Dear Trudy, all the best whishes for the next 80 years! May all your whishes come true and may your health stay strong! I am looking forward to see you and Cecil in Hamburg next week! All the best, kisses from Connie