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Komitas, father of Armenian Music

Komitas Komitas is named the father of armenian music, he revealed the armenian musical notation, which was nearly lost, and he was a gifted compositor. He died 20 years after he lost his mind during the Turkish Genocide in 1915, and he still lives in the memory of the Armenian people. The renowned conservatory of Erivan bears his name.

Avet Terterian Avet Terterian opened a new musical world with his compositions. He is honored at

Araik Bachtian Araik Bachtikian plays Duduk and Zurna, he was a student of Djivan Gasparyan and he played the Duduk in many concerts with Terterian's music, so in Dresden 1999.
Anna Mayillian

Anna Mayillian is the most appraised armenian singer in our time.
Listen to her wonderful sopran:

Khorhurd khorin, sharakan by Khachatur Taronetsi
or Anna Mayillian & Heinz-Erich Gödecke in Geghart

Her new CD Treasures of Light was released 2002 at ccnc-Records.

Hakob Halatian plays Kamantcha, so in Terterian's 5th Symphony.

Armenian Music Assembly is an organization of Armenian musicians and musicologists, their aim is the promotion of Armenian Music and the cultural exchange. This organisation is introduced at

There will be more information on armenian music and I will add MP3-pieces in the near future.

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