Ararat Armenia a wonderful country for travelling, if you have an open heart
Armenia has more than 40 000 historic monuments
Armenia is a contradiction of breathtaking beauty and hard everyday life

My first journey to the Republic of Armenia took place in September 1999.

I wanted to visit the places of Terterian's creative work, to see the old manuscripts in the Matanaderan, to meet Irina Tigranova-Terterian and and and...

Manuscript from the Matanaderan
  1. Erevan, capital of the Republic of Armenia:
    The city of Erevan, the Matanaderan,
    the Genocid Memorial,
    monuments of poets and composers,
    the flea market
  2. Lake Sevan and Gavar
    Lake Sevan, Noratous, Gavar, Ajrivank
  3. Etschmiadzin, Gajaneh, Chripsime, Zwartnoz
  4. Garni, Geghard, Anna Mayillian and Heinz-Erich Gödecke
    Garni, Geghart
  5. Ashtarak and Karmravor

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Connie Müller-Gödecke, October 1999

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