The imperial clothes..

dressed up at the documentaX

"But he is naked!"

Avant@rt advertises a new award, inspired by the HTML-Abuse at the documentaX

My best enemies are those, who design new clothes for the emperor...

This-year documenta discovered the new medium, the net, and dedicates herself .... better, Madame David surrendered herself to the tailors, who suggest her what is art and what not...

And so it comes, that Holger Friese, who is told to be a programmer and an artist, comes on stage and he offers us a blue page playfully he mixes HEAD and BODY, expands table-cells to a width of 200.000 % (fitting into the table's width of 600%), he fills the body with maniac BR's and inbetween some small stars are flickering (they say)...

Indeed, Friese manages the great feat of concentrating, quite poetically and on just one page, a certain number of contingencies inherent in the way things appear on a computer screen connected to the Internet. That great blue surface, too great to be taken at all at once, with a few typographical signs in a little corner which might remind someone of stars, must come from somewhere; but is it from the computer, the viewer, the server, or the infinity of the networks? Simon Lamuniere, the net curator, writes.

Well, we can mock at ourselves, can't we?

Those who know me, know that art is essential for me, but I get angry about manipulations like H. Friese's creation, because these naked emperors insult art and they deliver arguments to the yellow press...
«and we pay for this! They get money for this shit? »

I think we can do better (and more honestly!)

In case you are interested in this concoction: Unendlich, fast.... and in case you want to read the incredible comment: Simon Lamuniere is the author.

But he is naked!

I don't want to be too negative, I want to be constructive: Hereby I advertise an Arward: Send me a web-page, which surpasses Friese's page by

cynicism, arrogance and audacity!

Another award will be committed to the one who comments this page in a corresponding way....

Closing date: August 31, 1997 for the web-page and September, 30, 1997 for the comment.

The winner will get an invitation to participate at the KUKART IV - festival in Puschkin, St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1999. Whether the winner will take part personnally or his work will pe presented there, this depends on the financial situation then.

Send your entries to"Avantart Award"

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