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It is very easy to find information on New York in the Web, just go to Yahoo or any other search machine and type in: New York. So it is obvious that I don't want to cope with these big indexes. I just want to list some of the adresses which have been very helpful during my stay or which I find interesting.
Performing Arts, Music and other

  • The Knitting Factory, best music (and performing art) in town! Have a look!
  • Sweet Basil Jazz Club at 88 Seventh Ave. SO, a place where bassist Ron Carter, pianist Kenny Barron, saxophonist James Moody, Gil Evans, David Murray and Henry Threadgill performed, just to name a few (not to forget Art Blakey!).
  • If you like the music more rough, go to CBGB at 315 Bowery @ Bleeker, the cradle of Punk.


The first adress for us is, no question, the Knitting Factory. This club will celebrate it's 10th anniversary in the next weeks and in this 10 year it has changed the musical map of NY. Here all the musicians gather who are interested in new sounds and experiments. But Knitting Factory is more than just a venue: it is a travel agency (many of us remember the famous Knitting Factory Tours some years ago, when courageous musicians absolved 28 concerts in 25 days all over Europe, or more...). This is not a rich place and my impression is that most of the artists don't perform there because of the money, but that their music is heard.
And there is funny paradox: many of the musicians who work here tour in Europe very often, and although I have never been in NY before, I know many of them personally. With some of them we even have toured, through Russia, or other places. For a german musicians it is a good reputation, if you have played here.
I look forward to the concerts with Anthony Braxton and, of course, to the 7th of January, when Heinz-Erich Gödecke will perform there with Vladimir Tarasov, Ned Rothenberg and Mark Dresser.

Go to the Knitting Factory Mainpage or directly to The Club, they also have a guestbook and a mailing list.

MetroBeat offers the most comprehensive information on New York I found. Theater Schedules, Music, Performing Arts, Museums and many more.
VillageVoice at claims itself America's Largest Weekly Newspaper and features what's going on in Music, Books, Film, Dance, Theater, and TV in regular colums;
besides this you find info on Cyberspace, Citystate and more. You will find this newspaper all around the city.
The weekly free newspaper RESIDENT differs: it offers 'regionalized' editions and so there is not only one main page on the net, there is also a Manhattan or a Queens edition

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