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The Institute of Innovative Programs for the Professional Development of Cultural Workers
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Puschkin ( Tsarskoe Selo)

The Theatre-Academy is no academy for theatre-art, which educates students, any more. It has now the status of an academy for postgraduate-studies. You will find all actual information at the above given URL.

These pages here at Avantart present the Theater-Academy Interstudio how I accompanied it in the years 1992 to 2000.

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Juri Sobolev December 14, 2002, Juri Sobolev, art director of the Theatre-Academy Interstudio and Co-Founder of the academy with Mikhail Khousid, died

A great friend, a man with a great soul, a great heart, great heart, has left us.

I composed a page with photos to commemorate him: Photos of Juri Sobolev.

A poem by Andrey Wosnessenski in german and russian language Gedicht zum Tod in memory of Juri.

Interstudio: Voicek
The Theatre-Academy Interstudio has a new status and a new field of work now. You can find the new programme at here at Avantart or, maybe more actual, at

INTERSTUDIO calls for participation at the International Festival KUKART V in June 2001
December 8 and 9, 2000, Interstudio presented its inszenation of Woyzek at the Jungen Theater Bremen!

INTERSTUDIO, the Theater of Synthesis and Animation, celebrated it's 10th birthday in July 2000.

At this date, the last group of students passed their examination. From up January 2000, INTERSTUDIO will function as an academy for postgraduate studies in theatrical work.

The jubilee: Ten Years Theatre-Academy INTERSTUDIO!

The international festival KUKART will happen again, that's for sure.


A portrait of INTERSTUDIO in the years 1990 to 2000.

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