Dror Feiler

I met Dror Feiler, the swedish musician and composer, together with his Free Jazz Ensemble LOKOMOTIF KONKRET at the Festival 'Unknown Movements' in Wolgograd, in September 1991. This was our first tour to Russia.

Many people in Wolgograd still stick to the old name 'Stalingrad' and it did justice to the historic significance of this city when he greeted the audience, saying ' I am happy to be allowed to perform in Stalingrad'. But that's not the only reason that people are fascinated by him.

These days together with him and the russian artists and friends meant the end of the Cold War to me. Since this time, we met at many festivals in Russia and he played in Hamburg at our place as well.

Cornelie Müller-Gödecke

Dror Feiler

It's only illusion.
Eta vam tolka kajetsa!
(Dror Feiler)

Dror Feiler in ArkhangelskDror Feiler in ArkhangelskDror Feiler in ArkhangelskDror Feiler in ArkhangelskDror Feiler in Arkhangelsk
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2. about his music, Che Guevara + the Revolution
Position 2000
About music &
the anti-fascist existence
Dror Feiler auf dem Frankfurter Festival Pol 4, 2000,

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