Autumn Melodies 1996 in Russia (and in Lithuania)

Tour Map
The way from Vilnius to Arkhangelsk

This is my autumn diary. Please excuse the bad quality of some of the photos, which were taken by an 'old' digital camera. Now I got back my confiscated films, and I could replace most of the photos on the net by better ones.

We are invited to jazz festivals and concerts in Moscow, Vologda and Arkhangelsk and we start our tour in Vilnius, where we meet our friend Vladimir Tarasov.

This time we had many problems to get the russian visa. Because of some new regulations, the invitations needed special stamps and nearly every version our friend in Moscow sent us, was not accepted by the russian consulate.
Until the very last day we didn't know whether we could go or not. At least we got the visa on thursday, one day before we planned to go.
So, we were very happy that the tour started.

On the map to the left you can follow our marschrout from Vilnius to Arkhangelsk and back.

My husband HE Gödecke and Vladimir Tarasov are very close (not only musical) friends and they plan to rehearse in Vladimir's studio for future concerts.

After that, we will take the train to Moscow together.

The Solovki Monastery
The Monastery on Solovki Island
Here is my diary:

Inside the Monastery
            Inside the Solovki Monastery



To Moscow!



The Solovki Islands

At the Solovki Islands

The last day of the tour
September 27, 1996

September 28, 1996

September 29 - Sept. 30, 1996

October 1, 1996

October 3, 1996

October 4 -6, 1996

October 7 -9, 1996

October 8, 1996

October 9, 1996

You can find out more about my husband Heinz-Erich Gödecke or about me and you can reach me, Connie Müller-Gödecke, by mail.

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