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Cornelie Müller-Gödecke, living in Hamburg, Germany.

I studied German Language and Literature, Political Science, Geography and Oriental Sciences at the University of Mainz. I studied for 9 years, but half the time I was travelling. Except Israel and Albania, I travelled through all countries around the Mediterranean Sea, by car and with tent. Later we (my first husband and I) equipped a very old Volkswagen-Van (dating back from 1959!). This old vehicle is still walking strong.

Connie Müller-GödeckeThe tours led me to the Islamic world, curiosity drove me to Iran, Afghanistan und to all north-african countries: from Egypt to Libya, Tunesia and Morocco, deep into the Sahara Desert and to Jordania, Syria and Lebanon as well. The wanderlust never left me; but the direction changed: today I travel to Russia, China and the Baltic states.

After a solid education as a high school teacher, but without a job, I started the first 'alternative' coffee-shop in my former hometown Wiesbaden. This ended in a financial disaster, but it gave some interesting spin offs: I arranged concerts, following the slogan: if you want to listen to something you must take care of it yourself.

So I came to FreeJazz and learned to know new interesting music and musicians like Fred Frith and friends. I developed my affections for minoritarian culture.

I moved to Hamburg, got some computer-training and since then I earn my money in the support department of a german company for office management software.

From time to time I manage to write down events which happened to me or which I observed, mostly as short-stories. (I will not tell you that I financed most of my university time by writing cheap novels!) Some of my texts have been published some years ago, but are not available anymore.

I am not lost to music and to interesting arts. For some years now I wrote for the german jazzmagazine JazzThetik and I accompany my husband Heinz-Erich Gödecke on his tours and I organise with him concerts and festivals, not only in Hamburg.

We got strong connections to Russia and its musicians and audience, we toured there for 19 times in the last 8 years. He played in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in the north at the White Sea (Arkhangelsk Festival), in Siberia (Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnojarsk), in the Urals and in Tuva at the border to Mongolia. We found a good guide, friend and teacher in all russian affairs in Nikolai Dmitriev.

Other tours led to Peking and to Ecuador. In Puschkin / St. Petersburg we participated at the first festival KUKART in 1993 and by this my affection to this academy and its members started. We also participated in the festivals 1995 and 1997, which are documentated at the Interstudio pages.

In 1992 we were invited to the general rehearsal of the ballet Versii II in Ekaterinburg. The choreography based on the music if Avet Terterian. From that time I was fascinated by the music of this great armenian composer. In 1998 I launched the website If you are interested in new music, please check that out!

That's it.

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