The Arkhangelsk Workshop Ensemble

Arkhangelsk Workshop Ensemble

exists since autumn 1996, but the musicians know each other and cooperated already for a long time.

This sextett first performed at the Arkhangelsk Jazz Festival in 1996; after a short 'rehearsal' during the train ride from Moscow to the North, they took part in the festival. Vladimir Resitzki, who is the organisator of the festival, couldn't join the band at that time because of too much organisational work.

They play only own compositions which reflect the numerous musical talents of the musicians. The surprising complexity of the sounds cannot be categorized easily - sound images full of tension, on the borderline of Jazz, New Music and Improvisation. Moments of silence contrast eruptive revolting sound scapes, quarter tone nuances are completed and broken by fast, hard cuts. The instrumentalists omitt the traps of postmodern harmlessnes by strictly intending the best possible authenticity.

Vladimir Tarasov, drums and percussion
Vladimir Resitzki, saxophones
Slava Guyvoronski trumpet
Stephan Kersting, double bass
Reinhart Hammerschmidt, double bass
Heinz-Erich Gödecke, composition, trombone, didjeridoo
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