Jaroslavl, where the river Kotorosl flows into the Volga

The city of Jaroslavl is shaped by the wealth of their businessmen in the history and by their concurrence with the city of Moscow concerning the construction of the most beautiful churches and monasteries.
Even today this city surprises us with an bourgeois-selfconfident athmosphere, or should I say: again today?

It was bitterly cold during my stay there (up to 21° C minus!), but the bright sun and the blue sky tempted me to leave the warm hotel Jubileijna...

The Kotorosl Embankment
The Spaco-Preobrashenskij-Monastir at the embankment of the Kotorosl
Soviet Square
Soviet Square

Church of the prophet Elias

Ulitsa Sovjetskaja

Fishermen on the Kotorosl

Fisherman on the way home

a quiet corner in the inner city

factories and industry at the river side

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