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The classical advent calendar

Fin de Siécle Calendar

Citation calendar

Sainkho's new CD-Box

Taigam - my Taiga a new CD by Tarbagan

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Dear Friends of Avantart!

December is the year of the calendars, new ones for the next year or advent calendars for the last month of the year.

Let me present you three calendars, one of them is already a classic part of Avantart, as I open it for the third year now.

So here they are:

St. Claus

The classical advent calendar

a very funny calendar with citations, combined with absurd illustrations -
but unfortunately in german language only:

the citation calendar

fin de siécleand last, but not least, a bilingual fin de siécle-calendar:
every day two, not only one, windows four you!

and it's not only valid for 24 days, no, for 31 days: one for every day of the last month of the last year of the last century of this millenium...
and that is the topic: the calendar presents my favorite topics, which I want to preserve for the future, and those things which I detest...
so, sharp your cursor and find the points for the goodies!

Aura Sainkho Namtchylak produced a new CD-BOX, preseting Peter Kowald, Vladimir Tarasov and Vladimir Volkov.
You can find out more about this box at Sainkho's pages,
and you can listen to one track of the CDs

Taigam - my Taiga

is the new CD by Tarbagan

and you can listen to one of the pieces at the Tuva-Pages.

TAIGAM - My Taiga

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