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Long Arms Agency was founded in spring 1996 by Sergey Kuryokhin, Nick Dmitriev and Dmitry Rezvan. Our idea is to distribute and to promote in various ways different kinds of new and old marginal, forgotten, unknown or unidentified music. This includes free improvisation, new composed music, noise scene, electroacoustic, ars acustica, creative cross-cultural projects, authentic folklore, traditional non-european music, etc. All these projects are connected in varying degrees with Russia, Russian music or Russian musicians. From the very beginning our agency works in close cooperation with IMA-press publishing house.

Long Arms Agency aims to improve the activities of concert and festival life, and CD production. The agency also organized several festivals and concert series: LongArms Logo

festivals "Diptych", "Sprouts & Roots", "Moscow-Petersburg: Noise Scene", "Sergey Passion", "Le cru et le cuit", part of "Alternativa" in Moscow, "Sprouts & Roots" in Vologda and "New Jazz Fest" in Arkhangelsk; "Silent Movie Talking Music" Series with "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang, "Strike" by Sergey Eisenshtein, etc, in Moscow; performances of Otomo Yoshihide and Keshavan Maslak, Kazutoki Umezu, Min Tanaka, Jason Hwang, Ned Rothenberg, Phil Minton, Maggie Nicols, Werner Lüdi, Dror Feiler, Fritz Hauser, Dieter Glawischnig, Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Vladimir Miller, Vladimir Tarasov, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Chekasin, Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Vladimir Volkov, etc. 

Long Arms Records has produced around 21 CDs until now. Let me introduce 19 of them here:

  • CDLA 96010
    Sergey Kuryokhin & Keshavan Maslak
    when you see Sergey, please say hello
    recorded in Florida, USA
    January 17, 1996
    sold out
  • CDLA 96020
    Vershki Da Koreshki
    recorded live in France and Holland
    October 1996
  • CDLA 97030
    Sergey Kuryokhin
    works for cinema and theatre
    recorded in Petersburg, Russia
  • CDLA 9704
    Vyacheslav Guyvoronski
    recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia
    April - September, 1996
  • CDLA 9705
    recorded in Ekaterinburg, Russia
    May 1996

    upcoming release
  • CDLA 9696
    Ensemble 4:33 & NETE & DJ Kubikov
    recorded live in Moscow, Russia
    February - March, 1997
  • CDLA 9707
    Different Artists
    tuvan folk music
    recorded in Tuva,
    October - November 1995
  • CDLA 9708
    Sainkho & Moscow Composers Orchestra
    recorded live in Tampere, Finnland
    November, 1996
  • CDLA 98015
    Vladimir Martynov
    Alexey Lyubimov, piano,
    Anton Batagov, piano
    Georgy Zhuravlev, voice
    recorded June 15th & 16th, 1997, Chaikovsky Hall, Moscow 
  • CDLA 9809
    Anton Batagov
    Anton Batagov plays piano music by
    Georges Peletsi
    Sergei Zagny
    Alexander Rabinovitch
    recorded March, 1992, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory 
  • CDLA 98012
    Anton Batagov
    Music for December
    a composition by Anton Batagov
    from Ivan Dykhovichny's film
    Music for December composed in December 1993, recorded in June 1994
  • CDLA 98018
    Vladimir Miller, Ken Hyder, Vladimir Rezitsky
    Northern Lights : Stillness in the Solovki
    recorded at Oor Wullie Studios, London, June 96
  • CDLA 98020
    Various Artists
    Orion Cup
    The Last Sounds from the Last Cup:
    Sergei Zagny, Sergey Kuryokhin & New Composers, Arkady Shilkloper, Allophonics, Slava Guyvoronsky, Phil Minton, Otomo Yoshihide & Keshavan Maslak, Vladimir Volkow, Sainkho & Moscow Composers Orchestra, Luedi Trio, Anton Batagov, Gapon, Jon Rose, The 13thTribe... sportive recordings from 1992 to 1998
  • CDLA 99025
    the hour of sad choices
    Pushkin in New York
    Andrei Bitov - voice
    Vladimir Tarasov - drums
    Yuri Parfenov - trumpet
    Alexandr Alexandrov - bassoon
    Vladimir Volkov - double bass

    1-6 recorded live at Cami Hall, New York on May 10, 1998
    7 recorded live at Baltrushaitis House, Moscow, on October 2, 1998
    design: Erken Kagarov
    photo: D. Konradt
    producer: Nikoloi Dmitriev
  • CDLA980101
    Sergey Kuryokhin / David Moss
    2 for teaDavid Moss
    recorded December 1988, Miami, USA
    Sergey Kuryokhin
  • Kenny Millions / Otomo Yoshihide: Without Kuryokhin
    Recorded at Central House of Artists on November 5th, 1996

  • CDLA 98010
    Indian Traditional Music
    Ananda Bazar
    recorded in Vrindavana,India

  • CDLA 00016
    Anton Batagov
    Best before 02:2000
    piano solo

  • CDLA 00028
    Hamlet is Dying by Alexander Bakshi
    recorded in Lockenhaus / Austria and Moscow
  • CDLA 00014
    Sergei Zagny: Sonata
    Electronic Music No. 5
    (Piano Concerto) Sonata Reconstructed from Fragments the Order of Which is Lost Anton Batagov, piano
Vershki da Koreshki
For Sergey Kuryokhin
The Gift Anton Batagov: Yesterday
Northern Lights - Stillness at the Solovki
Orion Cup - The last Sound from the Last Cup
Pushkin in New York
2 for tea
Ananda Bazar
Best before 02:2000
Hamlet is dying
Upcoming Releases in Summer 2000:

  • Strappadology by Vetrophonia
  • Membrana by Memdranoids
  • Hymni by Vladimir Martynov
In the near future the record label plans to release Valentin Silvestrov, Sergey Zagny, Anton Batagov, Alexey Lyubimov, Andrei Samsonov, Vetrophonia, Faberge Eggs, Chechen and Russian folk music.
All recording projects of Long Arms are classified in the following series: SERIOUS SERIES, 2DAY'S MUSIC, NEWCOMERS, TRADITION EDITION, NOISE'N'BEATY, etc.

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