CD-Cover: Vershki da Koreshki

Vershki da Koreshki - Real Life of Plants

Plants hide their roots (koreshki) to protect them from bad weather while their leaves (vershki) are directly affected by the constant changes in the weather. These two vital parts develop simultaneouly but in opposite direction thus maintaining the balance of the overall organism.
The group Vershki da Koreshki grew in the same way: the roots are formed by two descendants of ancient cultures of Africa (Senegal) and Central Asia (Tuva). The leaves are two compatriots from Saint Petersburg who are nourished by jazz, classical and contemporary music and improvisation.
The synthesis of these seemingly contradictory elements results in the band's great freedom of style and concept.

Vershki da Koreshki began to grow in Amsterdam, December 1994. 1989 Levin left Leningrad. 1991 in Amsterdam, Levin met Volkov from Petersburg. 1994 in Amsterdam Levin met Sylla from Dakar. 1996 in Amsterdam Levin met Khovalyg from Tuva. So it has happend.

Vershki - vulnerable, striving, whimsical overground organs, parts of a body system, born by the root.
Koreshki - bosom, earthbound, archaic, primordial sources. roots.

Mola Sylla, Senegal vocal, kongoma, xalam, kalimba
Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Tuva vocal, khomeii, ighil, khomyss, khomouz, amyrga
Alexei Levin, Russia accordion,
prepared accordion, piano, khomuss, doudka, sheng
Vladimir Volkov, Russia double bass

Vershki da Koreshki
Alexei Levin
1-e van Swindenstraat 515
NL 1093 LC Amsterdam, Netherlands
tel/fax: +31 20 663 9027

Nikolai Dmitriev

author's right reserved at BUMA, NL
Thanks to Radio VPRO-4, Anton, Resvan

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