It is very convenient to get rid of your money in this town:
6th Avenue take the subway from Grove Str. in New Jersey to 14th Street, and walk along 6th Avenue to 17th Str. Here you find B & H, PHOTO-VIDEO, The Professional's Source and here I got my new digital camera, the Kodak DC40, for a very reasonable price. As this shop is run by jewish people, be aware that you come during the week, even on sundays, but not on saturdays or friday afternoons!
I was impressed by the friendly salesmen, nearly all of them wearing the traditional jewish haircut, who helped me to spend my money in a very professional way.

There are even more dangerous places at 5th street:
after my first Pastrami Sandwhich ever, (I was waiting for this delicious snack since I read Henry Miller for the first time!) I found a shop, Remininiscene at 74 Fifth Avenue, with rather obscure bargains:
Pick up a Bagel
plastic ants or cockroaches, Santa Claus with 50% rebate or russian metall toys (the same models which I found in North Russia this autumn, but for a higher price, naturally).

To save my reputation:

I spent more time at Barnes & Nobles, where I found the long searched books on the last chinese emperor widow, Tzu Hsi, a woman I admire very much, and a useful book on Internet Protocols which I need for my study.

a small squeeking nun, made of rubber
squeeking nun
nun on a finger
or the same nun as a fingerdoll!

If you are looking for world music, go to multi kulti, a record shop in 218 Thompson Street, Tel: 212 979 1872, Fax: 212 529 4270. They have a great choice of international music. We found Tunguska Guska,, a german-korean-tuvinian co-production of Iris Disse, Sainkho Namtchylak and Grace Yoon, a CD which is difficult to find in Germany (where it is produced).

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