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In New York music is everywhere: in the Chinese Supermarket at Canal Street, on the street where young men transport very heavy soundmachines, old men sing... this music is for free. But of course there is some music you have to pay for, and I will concentrate on that.
We attended concerts at the Knitting Factory only, because their program fits the best to our taste and there was no more time left to go to other venues as well.

Composer Series
William Parker
Heinz-Erich Gödecke Group
Anthony Braxton: Ghost Trance Festival 1997
Jim Pugliese, 29-12-1996 at Knitting Factory in New York Our first concert took place the 29th at the Knitting Factory. After a long walk through the streets of Manhattan (and a stop in a chinese shop, where Heinz bought a great chinese gong) we came to Leonard Street to listen to the fourth concert of The Composer Series . 5 of 6 pieces were solo pieces, performed by Jim Pugliese. He played the softest percussion play I ever heard (King of Denmark by Morton Feldman), and it was a real pity that the sounds from the bar around disturbed us. Who ever thought of a soundmix of Morton Feldman and Macarena?

One piece was composed by Antony Coleman, (who also played in the Dave Douglas Septett) and Jim Pugliese performed it for the first time ever. A very delicate, and (in my opinion) funny piece, because sometimes I associated rock scores which were cut off before they started.

So there was an interesting mixture of the music of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen (Zyklus), John Zorn (Dark River), Morton Feldman, Antony Coleman and Dave Douglas.
Dave Douglas, who is a member of John Zorn's Masada, too, presented a composition for trumpet, sax, samplers, percussion and bass, which differed from the compositions whe heard before, because it was not composed totally, (that's no problem), but because the musicians didn't perform as concise as Jim Pugliese did before.

Go on with this Composer Series!

William Parker seems to be one of the busiest musicians in New York at this time. I first heard him playing with the Peter Brötzmann März-Combo two or three years ago. This time we enjoyed to listen to his bass when he plaxed with the Rob Brown Trio (Rob Brown, sax, and Jackson Krall, drs)and we attended the performance of 4 Front , a formation of 2 dancers (Patrcia Nicholson, Miriam Parker), basoon (Karen Borca), Percussion (Susie Ibarra, great!) and William Parker (bass).

Listen to William's CD SOLO BASS, if you can find it (zero in, 603 W. 13th St. #429, Austin, TX 78701 USA, e-mail:

William Parker + Karen Borca
We must embrace life in all of its seasons. Every creative gesture plants a seed for the future, sound garden. I see a sound, in its dense turquoise with a red splash, green with blue swirls. A small circle that flowers and unfolds to reveal endless posibilities. Listen to the color of 2 hands meeting 4 strings, the flow of light through a prism. The orange mountain dance revealing a child floating on smoke from the ice, caused by having patience with the sun.
William Parker

Heinz-Erich Gödecke Group
January 7, 1997, at the Alterknit in Knitting Factory: Heinz-Erich Gödecke Group
It was their first concert together, but they know each other for quite a while: Vladimir Tarasov (drs) and HEG (trb, didjeridoo) cooperate for many years now, we toured with Ned Rothenberg (sax, shakuhachi) in Russia and he met Mark Dresser (bass) in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in february 1996.
The music, which was specially written for this concert, turned out to be strong and intense.
Music from the Far East, New Composed Music and Jazz blend together - that is Gödecke's recipe. And it worked out.

The Ghost Trance Festival (New York) 1997, January 8th - 12th, at the Knitting Faxctory, offers different concerts of this genious musician. He performs with Quartets, Octets, Quintets ... many musicians come together.
We were at the first concert: a quintett, which was announced as a quartett, with Anthony Braxton, reeds, Kevin O'Neil, guitar, Joe Fonda, percussion and a violin player. It is difficult to find congenial sidemen nowadays, but because of the interesting composition (improvised music, combined with an abstract, continously repeated motiv) and Braxton's strong playing I enjoyed this concert very much.
Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton
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